Province of Benguet

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H&C Request for Quotation

Bids and Awards Committee
Health and Consignment
Project TitleDate Posted
Purchase of Medical Supply (PR 2023-02-0581)03/13/2023
Purchase of Radiology Supply (PR 2023-02-022)03/09/2023
Purchase of Medical Supply (PR 2023-02375)03/08/2023
Purchase of Linen (PR 2023-02-030)03/02/2023
Purchase of Repair of the Laparoscopy Machine (PR 2023-02-029)03/02/2023
Purchase of Drugs and Medicines (pr 2023-02-0378)03/01/2023
Purchase of Radiology Supply (PR 2023-02-0513)03/01/2023
Purchase of Plumbing Supplies (PR 2023-02-020)02/22/2023
Purchase of Carpentry Supplies (PR 2023-02-018)02/22/2023
Purchase of Dietary Supplies (PR 2023-02-017)02/22/2023
Purchase of General Pest Control (PR-2023-02-025)02/20/2023
Purchase of Radiology Supplies (PR 2023-02-0417)02/08/2023
Purchase of Dietary Supplies (PR 2023-02-017)02/08/2023
Purchase of Radiology Supplies (PR 2023-02-0404)02/08/2023
Purchase of Medical / Laboratory Supplies (PR 2023-02-0422)02/08/2023
Purchase of Medical Supply (PR 2023-02-0405)02/08/2023
Purchaseof Drugs and Medicines (PR NO. 2023-02-0351)03/01/2023
Purchaseof Medical Supplies (SVP-2023-0010)02/08/2023
Purchaseof Dietary Supplies (SVP-2023-0016)02/15/2023
Purchaseof Mechanisal Supplies (SVP-2023-0018)02/09/2023
Purchaseof Drugs and Medicines (SVP-2023-0012)02/08/2023
Purchaseof Medical Supplies (SVP-2023-0008)02/08/2023
Purchaseof Drugs and Medicines (SVP-2023-0015)02/09/2023
Purchaseof Carpentry and Engineering Supplies (SVP-2023-0017)02/09/2023
Purchaseof Electrical Supplies (SVP-2023-0020)02/09/2023
Purchaseof Dietary Supplies (SVP-2023-0011)02/08/2023
Purchaseof Radiology Supplies (SVP-2023-0021)02/09/2023
Purchaseof Plumbing and Sanitary Supplies (SVP-2023-0019)02/09/2023
Purchase of Repair for X-ray Machine (PR 2022-09-1526)09/19/2022
Purchase of Breathing Circuit, etc09/19/2022
Purchase of 1 Tank Refrigerant01/26/2022
Purchase of Breathing Circuit, etc10/05/2022
Purchase of First Aid Kis (PR 2022-05-1009)08/26/2022
Purchase of Repair for X-Ray Machine (PR 2022-08-144)08/17/2022
Purchase of Dental Autoclave (PR 2022-08-1355)08/09/2022
Purchase of Drugs and Medicines (PR 2022-08-1435)08/25/2022
Purchase of Office Supplies (PR 2022-08-150)08/26/2022
Purchase of Radiology Supply (PR 2022-09-151)08/26/2022
Purchase of Pharmacy Supplies (PR 2022-06-112)08/10/2022
Purchase of Office Supplies (PR 2022-08-153)09/05/2022
Purchase of Height Board (PR 2022-08-1484)08/26/2022
Purchase of Pharmacy Supply (PR 2022-06-112)(2)08/31/2022
Purchase of IT Supplies (PR 2022-08-139)08/17/2022
Purchase of Medical Supplies (PR 2022-08-135)09/05/2022
Purchase of Drugs and Medicines (PR 2022-08-1405)08/17/2022
Purchase of Medical Supplies (PR 2022-08-1356)08/09/2022
Purchase of Repair for Patient Monitor (PR 2022-08-145)08/18/2022
Purchase of Nursing Supplies (PR 2022-06-111)08/10/2022
Purchase of Rice (PR 2022-08-140)08/11/2022
Purchase of Dietary Supplies (PR No. 2023-01-002)02/08/2023
Purchase of Medical Supplies (PR 2022-10-179)10/14/2022
Purchase of Laboratory Supplies (PR 2022-06-1071)06/15/2022
Purchase of Pulse Oximeter (PR 2022-10-1694)10/19/2022
Purchase of Medical Supplies (PR 2022-06-111)08/31/2022
Purchase of RT-PCR Kits (PR 2022-12-195)12/14/2022
Purchase of Medical Equipment (PR 2022-09-160)10/19/2022
Purchase of Drugs and Medicines (PR 2022-04-074)07/06/2022
Purchase of Medical Refrigerator, etc08/31/2022
Purchase of Ultrasonic Pocketl Dopler (PR 2023-01-0144)01/27/2023
Purchase of Office Supplies (PR No. 2023-01-007)02/08/2023
Purchase of Laboratory Supplies (PR No. 2023-01-0046)01/23/2023
Purchase of medical Equipments (PR No. 2023-01-006)01/24/2023
Purchase of Biosafety Cabinet (PR 2022-07-1233)08/10/2022
Purchase of Medical Supplies (PR 2022-03-0543)08/17/2022
Purchase of Medical Supply (PR 2022-08-1356)11/09/2022
Purchase of Laboratory Supply (PR 2022-03-0638)05/18/2022
Purchase of Drugs / Medicines (PR 2022-09-1497)09/12/2022
Purchase of Ascorbic Acid etc (PR 2022-09-1508)09/19/2022
Purchase of Medial Supply (PR 2022-10-1735)10/19/2022
Purchase of Laboratory Supply (PR 2022-11-2001)12/01/2022
Purchase of Drugs and Medicines (PR 2022-08-1366)09/19/2022
Purchase of Medical Supply (PR 2022-10-1805)10/20/2022
Purchase of Amlodipine Besilate etc (PR 2022-02-0387)02/17/2022
Purchase of Medical and Laboratory Supply (PR 2022-08-1436)09/06/2022
Purchase of Medical Supplies (PR 2022-09-1559)09/28/2022
Purchase of Laboratory Supplies (PR 2022-09-1490)09/09/2022
Purchase of Drugs and Medicines (PR 2022-10-1787)10/20/2022
Purchase of Dental Supply (PR 2022-08-1436)08/25/2022
Purchase of Drugs / Medicines (PR 2022-01-0001)03/03/2022
Purchase of Medical Supply (PR 2022-10-1788)10/20/2022
PR 2022-10-173510/26/2022
PR 2022-08-143609/14/2022
PR 2022-07-123308/10/2022
PR 2022-03-54308/17/2022
PR 2022-09-149709/21/2022
PR 2022-08-136609/28/2022
PR 2022-08-143608/31/2022
PR 2022-10-178810/26/2022
PR 2022-09-155910/05/2022
PR 2022-02-038702/23/2022
PR 2022-10-178710/24/2022
PR 2022-10-180510/26/2022
PR 2022-09-149009/21/2022
PR 2022-09-150809/28/2022
Purchase of Drugs and Medicines (PR 2022-09-173)09/28/2022
Purchase of IT Supplies (PR 2022-10-186)11/10/2022
Purchase of Medical Equipment (PR 2022-10-177)10/14/2022
Purchase of Repairs and Maintenance (PR 2022-10-192)11/16/2022
Purchase of Laboratory Supplies (PR 2022-04-05)04/28/2022
Purchase of Server Rack (PR 2022-07-134)09/19/2022
Purchase of Medical Supply (PR 2023-03-0381)03/13/2023
Purchase of Medical Supply (PR 2023-02-0375)03/08/2023
Purchase of Hauling (PR 2023-03-0600)03/23/2023
Purchase of Laboratory Supply (PR 2023-03-0595)03/23/2023
Purchase of Laboratory Supply (PR 2023-03-037)03/23/2023
Purchase of Janitorial Supplies (PR 2023-03-036)03/23/2023
Purchase of Office Supplies (PR 2023-03-035)03/23/2023
Purchase of Laboratory Supply (PR 2023-02-028)03/23/2023
Purchase of Molecular Supplies (PR 2023-02-015)03/23/2023
Purchase of Laboratory Supplies (PR 2022-04-05)04/08/2022
Purchase of Vaccine/Medical Refrigerator (PR 2022-10-1919)11/03/2022
Purchase of Medical Supply (PR 2023-03-0770)04/19/2023
Purchase of Repair (PR 2023-03-039)04/12/2023
Purchase of Molecular Supplies (PR 2023-02-015)04/12/2023
Purchase of Drugs and Medicines (PR 2023-02-0351 Sub PR 2023-02-0336)04/12/2023
Purchase of Drugs and Medicines (PR 2022-04-078)06/12/2022
Purchase of Dietary Supplies (PR 2023-04-048)05/08/2023
Purchase of Linen (PR 2023-02-030)05/05/2023
Purchase for Carlibration of Detector Unit (PR 2023-04-047)05/05/2023
Purchase of Medical Supplies (PR 2023-02-0447)05/05/2023
Purchase of Laboratory Supplies (PR 2023-02-027)05/03/2023
Purchase of Medical Supplies (PR 2023-02-0502)05/02/2023
Purchase of Drrugs and Medicines (PR 2023-02-0285)05/04/2023
Purchase of Medical Supplies (PR 2023-02-0502)04/28/2023
Purchase of Drugs and Medicines (PR 2023-02-0285)04/28/2023
Purchase of Repair (PR 2023-03-039)04/27/2023
Purchase of Nursing Supplies (PR 2023-04-044)-04/27/21023
Purchase of Dental Supply (PR 2023-04-043)04/26/2023
Purchase of Hauling (PR 2023-03-0600)04/21/2023
Purchase of Drugs and Medicines (PR 2023-05-0870)05/10/2023
Purchase of Laboratory Supplies (PR 2023-02-0503)05/10/2023
Purchase of Medcial Supplies (PR 2023-05-0910)05/17/2023
Purchase of Nursing Supplies (PR 2022-10-189)11/03/2022
Purchase of Radiology Supplies (PR 2023-02-022)05/15/2023
Purchase of Dental, Laboratory and Surgery Supplies (PR 2023-05-0955)05/23/2023
Purchase of Drugs and Medicines (PR 2023-05-0954)05/23/2023
Purchase of Food Supplies (PR 2023-05-0943)03/23/2023
Purchase of Janitorial Services (PR 2023-05-051)06/01/2023
Purchase of Laboratory Supplies (PR 2023-05-0995)06/01/2023
Purchase of Medical Supplies (PR 2023-02-0390)05/30/2023
Purchase of Medical Supplies (PR 2023-02-0403)05/30/2023
Purchase of Engineering Supplies (PR 2022-09-167)10/20/2022
Purchase of Meals and Snacks (PR 2023-06-059)06/23/2023
Purchase of Laboratory Supplies (PR 2023-06-1062)06/22/2023
Purchase of Medical Supplies (PR 2023-02-0403)06/22/2023
Purchase of Medical Supplies (PR 2023-06-1120)06/23/2023